The Sociable & Not-So-Sociable Glider

Sugar gliders have probably grown in popularity because they are gentle, intelligent, have interesting family dynamics, and can interact and bond with people. They are also protective and territorial, which can lead to attacks on other sugar gliders that cause serious injury or death.
Sugar gliders are social animals and are happiest when they have the companionship of other sugar gliders. To reduce the possibility of injury and excessive breeding, place females together in small groups. Neutered males also work well with other neutered males and females. Lastly, a single male and female can be placed together, but breeding will quickly follow. A female can produce up to six to eight joeys a year and, unless you neuter the males, inbreeding and overcrowding will occur, which can lead to congenital abnormalities and fighting.
Sugar gliders are scent-oriented creatures. The easiest way to create a bond is to introduce them to their owner’s own scent and touch. This can be achieved by carrying the sugar glider in a fleece pouch, under a shirt or in a shirt pocket throughout the day. Threats offered by hand and gentle touches expose them to contact. In the evening when sugar gliders are most active, they enjoy being out of their cage and interacting with people. They run, jump, flip and glide. While they cannot be trained to fetch, sit or roll over, they will beg for treats and glide to people when treats are offered. Sugar glider faces are very expressive and they are able to make many wishes known by their nonverbal cues and their unique vocal sounds.
Once bonded to their owners, sugar gliders will mark, groom and cuddle with those close to them. Bonded sugar gliders do not try to escape touch. They sit by the cage door and call out for their owner. Instead of running away from contact, they typically run toward their owner. If they are scared or lonely, they seek out their owner for comfort and support.
Sugar gliders love their owners just as much as dogs or cats do. Considering all of this, it is no wonder so many people have also found companionship and love with their sugar glider and are willing to invest time and money to provide for all its needs. Visit the Sugar Glider Superstore now!

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