Bed Bug Problem Prompts Lawsuit Against Concord Apartment Landlord Bed Bug Problem Prompts Lawsuit Against Concord Apartment Landlord

More than a dozen residents of a Concord apartment complex are suing their landlord over an array of issues, including a bed bug infestation.

KPIX 5 reporter Juliette Goodrich saw the infestation first hand, in an apartment where bed bug waste covered the ceiling, and live bed bugs could be plucked from drapes.

While some residents covered their mattresses in plastic, Jim LaRosa had to throw his in the trash.

“I bought a new bed, and it was infested again,” said LaRosa, who had lived in the complex for 16 years.

LaRosa and other residents, including children were covered in bites from the pests, which feed on blood, and usually bite at night.

The lawsuit claims the apartment is infested with bed bugs, and the tenants are living in substandard housing conditions.  But, the apartment manager says they have repeatedly sprayed and painted the units, only for the bugs to keep coming back, and not just to those apartments.

“All of the apartments have bed bugs, it’s not just here, it’s all of them,” apartment manager Leo Oceano said.

The lawsuit seeks monetary damages to eradicate the bed bug problem for good.

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