How to check your new place for bed bugs before moving in

How to check your new rental for bed bugs before moving in

bedbugcontrolThere is nothing worse than moving into an apartment or home hat is already occupied by bed bugs.  Although bed bugs are not known to cause any disease or illness the psychosocial effects of bed bugs can be an ordeal. If you follow the steps below it will help you assure that your rental is not already home to some of these little critters!

  1. Talk to neighbors and other renters in the area to see if they have had any problems with bed bugs. Chances are if the apartment next to you has bed bugs, so does the one you are about to move into.
  2. Conduct a pre rental bed bug inspection for yourself. Look in the closet, cracks, and other crevices bed bugs may be hiding. Remember bedbugs are not found only in beds but in clothes, under carpet, and on furniture to name a few locations.
  3. Consider getting a free bed bug inspection from a pest professional if you are unsure about the bed bug inspection you performed for yourself.
  4. Make sure you talk to the property manager and ask about bed bug infestations. Don’t only ask about the current bed bug situation but ask about how management would handle future infestations. i.e.; who is responsible for paying for treatment if you do get bed bugs in the future? Also look online to see if your building has in fact been the target of bed bug infestations in the past.
  5. Talk to the moving company you are using and make sure the truck is bed bug free. Ask them what precautions they take to avoid bed bug infestations when moving.

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