Exotic Gifts: Butterfly Taxidermy, Framed Insects & Natural History Art, by BugsDirect

A company spokesman confirms that: “The updated website and its wide range of new products will be welcome news for the many collectors of specimens, education institutions, and even film and media production companies, who all find us an invaluable resource”.

There is also an unyielding commitment to ethical sourcing: “Customers rightly expect us to behave responsibly in what is a sensitive area for some. For example, our wide range of butterfly taxidermy products is only possible because this helps support the farmers in countries from Malaysia to Madagascar to invest in their environment, rather than simply to harvest it”.

A special Christmas gift for those who love spiders

One of the stunning products added to the extensive range at http://www.BugsDirect.com is the Giant Bird Eating Tarantula. With a typical adult legspan reaching 15cm, it inhabits burrows deep in the tropical rain forests of southeast Asia. This superb captive-bred specimen is presented in its own silk-lined box frame, complete with wall mount. It will certainly provide a sensational gift for any keen collector or enthusiast.

A superb choice of insect art

Over 100 individual insects and varied exotic collections are available through the new BugsDirect.com website. These mounted pieces are often referred to as “insect art”, reflecting as they do both the intricate detail and often vibrant colours of the exhibits. The “art” connotation comes more to the fore with a series of eye-catching creations, for example using a series of butterflies to create some stunning visual images, far removed from a simple presentation of specimens.

There is a wide selection of products to cover many tastes, including: moths, beetles, scorpions, stick insects, cicadas, dragonflies, and others – plus examples of both reptiles and amphibians. These are shown to outstanding effect through the use of double-glass frames – either see-though or wooden. Simple box, traditional cotton-mounted, and silk-lined insect frames are also popular.

A wide spectrum of customers

BugsDirect.com regularly provide anything from individual gift or collector items, to larger installations required by interior designers. These are often needed when producing natural history displays, typically made up of hundreds of items, together with the relevant scientific information for museums.

For more than twenty years, the company has also supplied insects for films, artists, wildlife parks and fashion designers. Edible bugs and insects are also available through their sister website http://www.edibleunique.com .

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