How to keep pests out of your food bins!

UBC entomologist Rana Sarfaz gave CBC Radio One’s The Early Edition five ways to keep food bins free of squirmy, disgusting pests.

1. Freeze your food scraps

Put your stinkiest food waste in the freezer until the night before pick up. That gives the pests less time to take over.

2. Line your bin with paper

Newspaper or store-bought bags absorb moisture and keep the bin clean and pest-free.

3. Wrap your waste in paper

Again, this sucks up the moisture and protects the scraps from flies and their larvae.

4. Layer your bin with leaves

Use the plant waste from your yard to layer after each trip to the food scraps bin. This controls moisture and makes the scraps tough to get to.

5. Clean up after your dog

Dog waste is a fly’s favourite meal. If there’s poop on the ground near your food waste bin, the flies are sure to find their way in.

Via: CBC

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