Live Cockroaches Found in Koto Japanese Steakhouse

Friday afternoon, the Department of Health put a notice on the door of Koto Japanese Steak House & Sushi that it was closed for a pest issue.

A guest at Koto saw three live cockroaches while dining at the sushi bar and filed a complaint with the Department of Health on Tuesday. The complaint stated that one cockroach was on the wall behind the sushi grill, another was on the counter of the bar and one ran in front of the guest’s plate on the bar.

Upon inspection, officials with the Dept. of Health saw a live cockroach on an electrical box in the kitchen and at least five dead cockroaches in preparation areas. There was also a dead cockroach found in a glass sitting on a counter.

According to a previous pest control report filed on Nov. 21st, there was cockroach activity throughout the establishment then as well.

Koto must remain closed until the following is completed and the Dept. of Health approves it to operate:

1) Have pest control service establishment and provide a copy of the service report to the health department at re-inspection.

2) Clean up all live and dead pests throughout establishment.

3) Clean up food debris throughout establishment.

4) Seal back door so that no daylight is visible. Repair wall baseboard at sushi bar under hand sink.

5) Eliminate any sources of water throughout the establishment. Repair leaks and sinks.

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