Handling you pet Sugar Glider

Handling Your Pet After your new pet has had a day or so to settle in and check out its new surroundings, reach in and remove it gently from its nesting box. Do this during the day when it is sleepy and easier to handle. Put any other pets such as dogs, cats, ferrets, and large birds in another room because your glider might be frightened by their presence. While it is not harmful to pick up gliders gently and briefly by lightly gripping the base of the tail, this should not be necessary with a tame one. Never pull on a glider’s tail in order to extract it from its nesting box or pull it from wire or objects to which it is clinging. I have heard some horror stories about tails that have come off in people’s hands. Pick your glider up bodily and hold it in your cupped hands or against your chest. If the glider resists being picked up by gripping objects in his cage, put your finger behind his clams and gently push them off of the object. Once your glider has settled down, you can place it in your pocket where it will probably go back to sleep. Put your hand in the pocket and stroke your pet occasionally so that it will get used to your scent and being touched. Eventually, the glider will find the nerve to come out and explore a little. Let it climb up onto your shoulder and check you out. Don’t be surprised if it wants to climb through your hair. You can read more on the care of Sugar Gliders in our Free Glider Guides listed on the Sugar Glider Store website!

by: Sugar Glider Store

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