Facts About the Raccoon

People do not generally spend much time thinking about their trash. They put it out on the walkway, occasionally the night in the past, and think absolutely nothing of it once more. That is, till they awaken the next morning to see garbage all over their yard and the street. The root cause? Usually, a raccoon. This, along with being hand-fed by well-meaning humans, outcomes in the raccoon wishing to move from their forest homes in the trees closer to its food source– your residence.

Raccoons normally find their way in with the attic, either through a hole or by chewing their method in. They are extremely unsafe to have in your home for numerous reasons. They are host to fleas, ticks, mites, and louse, which can easily jump to children or family animals. In addition, they are typically infected by a roundworm parasite, the eggs of which are launched in the raccoon’s feces. If any individual, particularly a kid or animal, touches the feces or anything dirtied by it, they run a high threat of being contaminated with roundworm and becoming a host themselves.

Besides parasites and roundworm, raccoons are known to hold canine distemper, rabies, coccidiosis (a digestive tract illness), upper respiratory illness, and mange (skin illness triggered by parasitic mites). While it could be tempting to try to get rid of the raccoon yourself, it is much safer to work with a professional trapper with the equipment and knowledge to get rid of and transfer the raccoon. When it come to Annoyance Wildlife Relocation, we will, in addition to removing the animal, deal with your insurance business to completely recover and tidy up your attic and other damages triggered to your home, leaving it as if the raccoon was never there.

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